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If you are having trouble deciding if it’s worth $100 to take four extra gigabytes along with you, let’s break it down a bit.

Here is one way to think of it: $100/2 years (730 days) = $0.137 more per day.

How often would you regret not having more storage on your iPhone? If you think you would pay about 14 cents every day to take an extra four gigs along with you, go for the extra storage, and I doubt you’d regret it.

Here are a few questions worth asking:

Do you have an iPod?
If you do, and are planning on keeping it, you might be fine with the 4 gig version. You could use your iPod as your primary music player in the car or on the road, and keep just what you really need on your iPhone.

How much more can you actually store with four gigs?
That depends.... What do you want that storage for? If you want to store TV shows and especially movies, there won’t be room for much else, so that extra 4 gigs will be much appreciated. If you are worried about having enough space for email, contacts, and calendars, remember that those things take up a relatively small amount of storage, so go for the 4 gig, and use whatever is left for your favorite and most essential media. Also, remember that with iPhone’s unlimited data plan, anything online is at your fingers whenever you do want it.

Other relevant questions to ask yourself include these: How often will you sync to your computer? Will you mind frequently and manually managing the content on your iPhone? What kind of content will the majority of your storage space be used for?

Also, note that having a four gigabyte iPhone won’t give you four gigabytes of storage space. The operating system will take up about 300MB and you get everything that’s left over. One last unfortunate reality to face: a gigabyte on your hard drive does not equal a gigabyte of storage that you buy but instead about %93 of an advertized gigabyte, since one gigabyte according to your computer is equal to 1,073,741,824 bytes, but according to industry standards for selling storage, a gigabyte is only 1,000,000,000 bytes. So really, 4GB gives you around 3.7GB of storage and 8GB gives you about 7.4. When the iPhone is released, I'll post the official numbers on how much free space is available on each model.